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The 2015 application cycle is now open. Sending schools can now begin creating applicant records and uploading letters.

Note to Applicants:  If you are an applicant to health professions schools you are eligible to use the services of Virtual Evals (veClient or veCollect) only if your health professions advisor has subscribed to our service.   Contact your health professions advisor directly : for further information.

veClient Sending Schools:

Google Checkout/Wallet is no longer operating.  We are now using a new payment service which requires invoices.  The payment service is called Stripe and we are coupling it with an invoice service called Zoho.  Not to worry!  We promise you will find it easy to use Stripe and there are some distinct advantages over Google Checkout/Wallet.  If you need an invoice to pay your annual access fee or if you would like to prepay 2015 applicant records, please email us at help@virtualevals.org.

  • You WILL NOT have to create an account w ith Stripe.
  • Some folks at institutions that use gmail as the institutional email client were not able to use Google Checkout/Wallet. That will not be an issue with Stripe.
  • You w ill be sent an invoice via email (through a function called Zoho) with details of the payment due by your institution and how to pay the invoice.
  • The invoice is printable and you can easily forward it to your business office if necessary. Please help us by making sure the invoice gets to the right person at your institution.
  • You can simply click on a link in the invoice or accompanying email and you w ill be taken to the Stripe site for payment. We accept institutional or personal credit cards of all types.
  • You w ill receive a receipt through email for payments made through Stripe.
  • If you prefer to pay via check, the invoice w ill also provide the NAAHP address for mailing the check. Please note that NAAHP is now using their physical address rather than a PO Box number.

If you have any questions, please contact help@virtualevals.org.

Receiving Schools:

Advisors who use veClient were able to start posting PDFs of letters on May 26.  If you are not yet ready to accept those letters, that’s fine.  When you are ready, they will be there for you to download.  If you receive letters from veClient via the AMCAS Letters System, AMCAS will download letters from veClient and make them available to you when they start sending you data on 2015 applicants in late June.  If you receive letters from TMDSAS, they will download directly from veClient and make them available to you.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us at help@virtualevals.org.

Thanks for using veClient!

Saeed Richardson and Anne Richardson

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